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Love Sphere Exercise No. 1: Patterns

Most people take a myopic view of relationships; they focus exclusively on the one they’ re in rather than a pattern of relationships over time. The latter can yield extremely valuable knowledge, telling you what your tendencies are in romantic relationships. To help you determine the pattern in your relationships, take the following steps:

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1. Create a list of all the significant romantic relationships (not one’ night stands or very brief relationships) you’ve had in your life through the current or most recent one.

2. Next to each person listed, describe the qualities of the person you were with by writing a few descriptive adjectives and their values.

3. Next to each person, describe what attracted you to this person (such as sense of humor, beauty, same interests).

4. Next to each person, note the point when the relationship started to go downhill and what precipitated the slide (such as their judgments, their tantrums, argument about getting married).

5. Next to each person, identify the reason the relationship ended and who ended it.

6. Review the previous five steps and look for patterns (for instance, in four of your five relationships, the relationships ended because you couldn’t make a long-term commitment).

7. Reflect on what a given pattern (or patterns) says about your relationship tendencies; think about how these tendencies may be counterproductive and what behaviors you might moderate so they don’t have negative effects. Remember also to reflect on all your strong and positive relationship tendencies. These are the strengths you will want to build on in the future.

Partner Yoga Poses For Beginners

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