Perfect Match Gel Polish In Sweet Iris

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That your INSURANCE may be INVALID without a recognised manufacturer certificate and proof of purchase? ”

SOLUTION: The main reason for gel polish lifting is incorrect application of base coat. If it is not applied thinly and evenly to the entire nail plate, the gel colour may only adhere to the areas where the base coat has been applied, causing the colour to lift.

Cap the free edge of the nail when applying each gel layer in thin coats. Before application, check that the nail plate preparation has been carried out according to the proper method recommended by the manufacturer, and that all cuticle has been removed from the nail plate. For customers with a shiny, oily or flaky nail plate, buff gently with a grit smoother.

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Incorrect curing may also be a cause of lifting, so make sure you cure each hand for the recommended time at the end of each layer.

Bryony McMillan is an OPI educator and member of the OPIA Team.

Favourite shade: OPI Gel Color in OPI Red.

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