Perm For Fine Thin Hair 

Just as important is realizing and accepting that transitioning is a process. It is not possible for chemically processed hair to revert back to its natural state. When transitioning you have two choices 1) either to live with the relaxed hair that will be at the end of the incoming natural hair as it is growing out or 2) you can decide to cut all of the relaxed hair off.

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Understand that if you decide to keep the relaxed hair you will experience some breakage and shedding, even with a product that reduces breaking.

The point of demarcation, where the natural hair meets the relaxed hair, is a weak point.

Breakage can be minimized during the transition stage by using a good product like the hair tea I use on my hair for breakage and shedding, by gently handling the hair and minimizing combing.

Perm For Fine Thin Hair 

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