From the beginning of time, Man has strived to venture and go beyond the boundaries set by the previous ancestors and to introduce new innovations to supersede other creations. As a result of this, the human IQ has increased considerably, and this is shown clearly in our specieswillingness to survive and achieve acts out of the ordinary. Over the years, societies have shown how Man can be so powerful through their creations, such as the First Industrial Revolution, which gave birth to transportation, or the employment of coal to produce energy, which has opened so many doors. These significant steps were the foundation for today’s discoveries and creations, such as the very first step by Man on the moon, or the latest release of Apple: the iPhone 6s. But sometimes I do truly wonder and speculate how much work of past cultures is being thrown away by present ones.

Take our small island as an example: How many young and intelligent minds have we lost into the abyss of entertainment and media? All that youngsters think about nowadays are the amount of “likes” they get on Instagram and Facebook. How many times have we gone to public spaces or community centres to only find faces crammed into smartphones whilst neglecting all the activity that is taking place around? Speaking from personal experience, I do sometimes resemble these people due to the fact that if I do not do the same. I would otherwise be staring into thin air with only the wall or the occasional fly to talk to. What infuriates me is that we are letting this happen to us! Some people employ the excuse that technology is so integrated into our lives that we cannot just ignore it. But I have a question for them: How did past generations live without the excessive amount of technology that is found presently?

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