Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper Styles 2016

MICHAEL EISENBERGhas a 10,000-square-foot, climate-controlled warehouse in West Los Angeles, in which his significant collection of clothes and memorabilia is neatly and chronologically stored. Everything from Warren Beattys Dick Tracy suit to pieces from Audrey Hepburns personal wardrobe is protected by a James Bond-worthy, retina-scanning security system. His collection is so massive, it has also seeped into his home decor scheme: In his living room, Eisenberg has a full-scale model of King Kongs hand with a life-size Jessica Lange perched on top (wearing the original dress from the 1976 film).
In the 90s, the Miami Beach native opened a restaurant on Los Angele Sunset Strip with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. At the restaurant (named Thunder Road House), walls were decorated with motorcycle-themed movie relics. Thats when he got hooked on collecting.
The real estate developer counts Halle Berrys X-Men catsuit and gowns worn by Sharon Stone in Casino among his prized possessions. And he owns the holy grail of costume pieces: The blue pinafore dress Judy Garland wears in The Wizard of Oz.
When asked about the size of his collection, he responds, I dont want to know…. [Counting the collection] would make me upset about how much money Ive spent over the past 30years. With that kind ofappetite for acquisition, its surprising to hear that no desired pieces have ever gotten away from him. Ive been lucky enough to get whatever I wanted, he says. Ive been tenacious.
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Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper Styles 2016

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