Pics Of Shoulder Length Haircuts 

My hair located at the back of my head and just above my neck has a looser, softer curl pattern and texture. The hair in the crown of my head has a tighter, kinkier and coarser texture. On both the left side and right side of my head my curls are more coiled but the curl pattern on the left side is a little looser and more elongated than it is on the right side.

Pics Of Shoulder Length Haircuts  Photo Gallery

Many persons of multi-ethnic and ethnic race find that they too have different textures and curl patterns in their hair. What I have found to be a great part of my personal hair journey success has been making a conscious effort to truly connect with my hair and understand what my hair wants.

This process came through prayer and a set intention to “get to know” my hair personally. Getting to know my hair came through my taking the care of my hair into my own hands.

Pics Of Shoulder Length Haircuts 

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