Pictures Of Medium Shag Haircuts 

So my question is this. “Why do we desire to expose ourselves to processes that require the skin of both the applicant and the client to be protected?” We do not question the process, we do not question the chemical and we willingly accept the risk.

Pictures Of Medium Shag Haircuts  Photo Gallery

I further question “Why do we feel that it is okay to apply a product to our hair that is harmful to the skin?” We know that it is harmful by virtue of the fact that you are cautioned to wear gloves when applying it.

The hair, skin and nails are created from the same building blocks so should we not take the same caution with all? I’m also very curious about why we have accepted the notion, for so many decades, that we need to alter the natural design of the perfection that our Creator created us to be?

Pictures Of Medium Shag Haircuts 

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