Pictures Of Pilates Exercises

Pictures Of Pilates Exercises

FOLATE – FOLIC ACID (VITAMIN BC) For Exercises Full Workout


Folate is essential for the development of red blood cells in combination with cobalt, iron, manganese, vitamins B12 and C. Increased folate intake is vital during pregnancy; it is required for reproduction and in the formation of genetic cells such as DNA and RNA which cannot divide properly without folate. It is vital for the prevention of blood disorders such as cardiovascular disease, anaemia and poor circulation.

A folate deficiency may also contribute to childhood leukaemia.

Folate reduces the blood levels of harmful homocysteine and protects against such conditions as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. One report showed a fourfold increase in these ailments when folate levels were low and homocysteine levels were high.

Folate is destroyed by high temperatures, cooking and lengthy storage. Antibiotics, alcohol, the contraceptive pill and excess acids also reduce folate levels. Increased folate intake is required during periods of infection, mental fatigue, depression, insomnia and irritability.

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Folate is vital for the correct transfer of nerve messages and for the process of cellular growth and reproduction. Folate is vital for the production of new cells and a deficiency can cause skin conditions such as vitiligo, gingivitis and a cleft palate.

Various forms of cancer are related to a folate deficiency, such as lung, cervical, intestinal and oesophageal cancer.

Folate is derived from the Latin word for foliage or leaf. Folate is vital for children’s growth and infants require more folate than adults. Protein is required for proper folate absorption.

NOTE: All amounts in this blog are measured in milligrams (mg) per 100 grams, unless stated otherwise.

Pictures Of Pilates Exercises

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