Madrid-based Loewe has kept a relatively steady low profile in its 169-year history. while it was lucrative, it perfected the art of less is more with pared-back simplicity and impeccable craftsmanship.

But in 2013, a wild wind of change blew over the heritage brand with J.w. Anderson at the helm. over the course of two years, he has since introduced a vivacious energy and unfurled pretty big ideas to the sturdy brand. the most ingenious innovation of which is the introduction of the much-lauded Puzzle bag. interestingly cuboid in shape, it brings to mind a refreshing retro-futurism embodying form and function all while making a sensible style statement. multi-faceted in design, the Puzzle is composed of over forty geometric fragments of leather that have been sliced and repositioned. it is this distinct classic meets quirk personality that has all of fashion’s tails wagging. irregular, complex and inimitable as it may seem, the bag is extremely precise. every fold, cut and pleat serve a purpose, especially when it collapses into another shape altogether. Yes, it shifts into many different ways (a handbag, backpack, clutch, sling, crossbody) depending on your whim.

Perhaps this is why the Puzzle has been so successful in earning its it-bag status. with a premium for function as much as style, consumers get more bang for their buck. it is more “interact with me” than “look at me,” which means we can have something intelligent, beautiful and functional.

Well what do you know, it seems that Loewe has cracked the puzzling formula. We can actually have everything we want in a bag that is.

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