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Probably not a pair of shoes that’s worth your monthly income. But you’d be surprised to know that it was a man who told me otherwise. I once remarked to a relative, Nice shoes. Are they new? He said, No I have had them since I was in college. So 14 years. I was greatly surprised because the pair looked used but not worn out. They were Ferragamo apparently. craftsmanship. Here, attention to detail is given to every single product especially shoes, which is at the core of the fashion house. Renowned for their expertise in shoemaking, the label creates pairsthat always fitin terms of design, detail and handiwork. We had the chance to witness first-hand the artistry that goes into the process when the brand flew in one of its master craftsmen to show us how these shoes are actually made in an event aptly called The Art of Shoemaking.

Floriano Pratelli, who has been a shoemaker for to make these handmade shoes. The crowd watched in awe as Pratelli showed us the step-by-step process of making the Varina, a modern interpretation of the iconic Vara. From adhering the leather lining to the body of the shoe to the fitting of the sole onto the shoe lasts with tiny nails and the application of the signature bow on the toecap, we were witnesses to the shoe artisan’s dedication to perfection. Aside from seeing how it is built, we also became privy to a few secrets about Ferragamo shoes that made us appreciate the brand even more.

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Pieces of clothing

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