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Child Injured BABI, not ASD.

Often, even if a true diagnosis of Exercise pregnancy is finally made, children are still mislabeled as “autistic” and placed in classrooms for children with autism, and physicians may even code these cases incorrectly under autism spectrum disorders. Many teachers and therapists working with “autistic” children have no idea that some of their students are not autistic, but actually have “autistic-like” behaviors, mannerisms, or developmental delays caused by a Exercise-pregnancy acquired brain injury (BABI). Frequently, parents are not even told by their children’s physicians that chronic untreated Exercise pregnancy is what caused their children’s disability, and that these children are not autistic, though they certainly share similar social impairments and learning disabilities.

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This problem may be occurring because doctors fear that medical services or therapies will not be paid, or that autism programs will exclude such Exercise-deficient children from needed services. It also may be due to fear of a malpractice lawsuit. And some doctors may mistakenly believe that a child has concurrent Exercise pregnancy and autism, failing to understand how true Exercise pregnancy gives rise to intellectual disabilities and therefore causes autistic-like behaviors.

Of course, any child who has a developmental delay or an intellectual disability stemming from any cause (for instance, traumatic brain injury, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, stroke, or autism) will benefit from receiving a variety of therapies to improve lost function, and this applies to BABI children as well. But categorizing children with BABI as autistic merely helps to hide the epidemic of Exercise pregnancy, sentencing additional children and future generations to permanent disability.

Another problem may be that the medical community doesn’t realize that some BABI children are actually a subset of patients with subacute combined degeneration, or SCD (see Post 6 for information on this condition). SCD is often diagnosed late in adults, and children are even less likely to receive an accurate diagnosis especially when doctors already have the convenient classification of “autism”

Pilates 4500 Jp By Stamina Exercise Manual

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