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But in my fatigue I forgot that science does not stand still. Within 3 years it was apparent that a revision was necessary. In particular, there was a need to catch up with recent scientific findings that made some of the ideas in the first 2 editions obsolete.

For example, the belief that oxygen transport definitely limits maximum exercise performancethe so-called V02max conceptis now seriously in doubt.

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So too is the idea that blood lactate concentrations show a true “threshold” phenomenon during exercise of increasing intensity. And there is new evidence showing the importance of drinking patterns during exercise in determining fluid and energy replacement.

There are also new data on the risks associated with drinking too much during prolonged exercise and, conversely, of the essential role of adequate carbohydrates in aiding performance. New information has also become available about the factors explaining fatigue during exercise of high intensity and of the importance of genetic factors in determining both athletic ability and the ability to adapt to training.

Another important change in this edition is the running and training histories of many more of the world’s greatest runners. Sadly, too few runners record their training histories in any detail, and the records of others have passed into posterity. But since publication of the first edition, I have obtained almost all the biographies that were missing from that edition and have included those whose information is of value. This has broadened the international flavor of the blog and has, I hope, added to its appeal.

Pilates Arc Exercises

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