Pilates Exercise Ring

Pilates Exercise Ring

VITAMIN B5 For Exercises Full Workout


Vitamin B5 is essential for the transport of fatty acids within body cells. Vitamin B5 is required for the release of energy from stored fats and for the synthesis of cholesterol.

The word ‘panto’ means everywhere, and without doubt vitamin B5 is in every cell. It is essential for white blood cell production and for the utilisation of carbohydrates and proteins as well as the functions of vitamin B2. A deficiency of vitamin B5 may lead to abdominal pains, kidney damage and ulcers.


Vitamin B5 is essential for the health of the adrenal glands and it is required for the production of the hormone adrenaline for protection from stress. Vitamin B5 is destroyed by cooking, processing and has up to a 70% loss in frozen foods. Vitamin B5 may protect against chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis.

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Vitamin B5 is essential for the growth and development of the nervous system A deficiency of vitamin B5 often shows as fatigue and weakness as nerve disorders produce weak muscle action along with pins and needles in the hands and feet. Vitamin B5 has beneficial effects in conditions such as insomnia, psychosomatic disorders, cramps, depression, apathy, unstable heart action and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Vitamin B5 is required for the production of antibodies to fight infection, it protects cells against radiation and is essential for the development of healthy fats in cells. Vitamin B5 assists cells to make chemical changes such as with hormone production and to protect cells from chemical breakdown. Vitamin B5 promotes healthy skin and hair and also assists the functions of the liver.

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

Pilates Exercise Ring

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