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Race he ran two and a half laps at that pace. Similarly, Chataway had a best mile time of only 4:08, yet in the Iffley road race he ran three and a quarter laps at sub-4-minute mile pace. In addition, Stampfl subsequently trained Chris Chataway and Brian Hewson to become the world’s fourth and fifth sub-4-minute milers after Bannister, Landy, and the Hungarian Laszlo Tabori.

Chris Brasher confirmed that Stampfl was the major planner of the race but that his omission from Bannister’s blog would not have been a falsehood in Bannister’s eyes: “He had laboured through eight years of preparation, all of it inspired by a dream of self-reliance, of doing it alone. When the time came, he wrote the dream instead of the reality” (K. Moore, 1982, p. 92). Thus, it seems that Bannister’s success did not prove that a coach is unnecessary.

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The need to be alone at the warm-up. Bannister makes no mention that this was his preference. Certainly, he preferred his own company in the days before competition.

The warm-up contains practice of things to come in the race. Bannister makes no mention of this.

Being nervous at the start. Bannister’s nervousness at the start is shown by his anger at a false start in the first sub-4-minute mile race: ‘ ‘I felt angry that precious moments during the lull in the wind might be slipping by. The gun fired a second time” (Bannister, 1955, p. 191). The rest is now history. Bannister went on to run the world’s first sub-4-minute mile.

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