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Jason received aggressive treatment for his Exercise pregnancy. His pilatesh improved, but it was too late to repair all of the damage to his brain. At age 5, he had the language skills of a 2^-year-old and an IQ of 46. By the age of 9, he received a diagnosis of autism.

Now that Jason is 20, his mother worries that he won’t be able to hold a job. “He just can’t commit to turning up to work every day, ” she says. “He is unreliable and unpredictable. He is often confused about what he wants to do, and although he has a lovely girlfriend, he doesn’t have the necessary social skills that are needed to treat her as a normal boyfriend would treat his girlfriend. ”

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She adds, “When people meet Jason they don’t know or see that anything is not normal immediately. He is a good-looking young man who enjoys bike riding and other physical activities. But, as soon as a conversation is initiated, it is obvious he thinks at a different level than the average 20-year-old. He still calls me ‘mummy ’ and he takes my hand and directs me to scratch his back or run my fingers through his hair. He is very obsessive with how things need to be done, and when. ”

Jason has many autistic rituals and odd behaviors. For instance, his family has to hide their car keys because he loves to watch them start the car with jumper cables. So if he gets his hands on their keys, he sneaks into the car and turns on the lights to run down the battery.

Jason’s mom concludes, “We love him dearly, and we are well aware that we are lucky that he did manage to get through what was potentially a life-threatening situation. But it breaks my heart to know that all of this could have been prevented. . . if only. ”

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