Pilates Neck Exercises

Pilates Neck Exercises


Alcohol is defined as a colourless, volatile, intoxicating and inflammable liquid. After entering the digestive system, a portion of the ethyl alcohol is absorbed through the stomach lining, directly into the bloodstream. A special enzyme in the liver, alcohol dehydrogenase, is designed to convert alcohol; however, this is a slow process. In addition, some people may lack the enzyme and be intolerant to alcohol. The liver converts ethyl alcohol into aldehyde, a colourless, volatile fluid of suffocating smell, obtained by the oxidation of ethyl alcohol. Another enzyme will convert aldehyde into a form of vinegar, and once that is oxidised, the end product is carbon dioxide, a colourless heavy gas. The main body parts that are affected by alcohol are the brain and liver. Alcohol relaxes the brain but also destroys brain cells within the cerebellum, pineal gland and cerebral cortex. Alcohol also destroys liver cells.



VITAMIN B1 Impaired learning, cardiac damage, mental problems. Wheatgerm, peanuts, Brazil nuts, yeast extracts.

VITAMIN B2 Mouth sores, baldness, nervous disorders, ulcers, arthritis, poor skin condition, weak eyesight. Almonds, cashews, wheatgerm, yeast extracts, cheese, bran.

VITAMIN B3 Poor skin condition, headaches, depression, fatigue, indigestion, nervous disorders. Rice bran, wheatgerm, peanuts, yeast extracts, nuts, fish, sunflower seeds.

VITAMIN B5 Depression, heart problems, chronic fatigue, poor liver function. Sunflower seeds, yeast extracts, almonds, peanuts.

VITAMIN B6 Headaches, depression, poor memory, nervousness, poor digestion. Walnuts, wheat bran, yeast extracts, oats, rice bran.

MAGNESIUM Arthritis, nervousness, blood clots, mental illness. Almonds, wheat bran, sunflower seeds, wheatgerm.

ZINC Fatigue, sterility, prostate problems. Oysters, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts.

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

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Pilates Neck Exercises

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