Pilates Resistance Band Exercises

I turned first to blogs for the answer. One of them taught me about the depleting excessive amounts of refined sugar is especially destructive to the body so I gave health is not solely about sugar consumption but about having a balanced diet.

Everyone knows that diet is essential to long-term health and well being, but the blog made everything too complicated. Hours of exercise a day and complicated meal plans were not for me. I needed to find a simpler way.

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She looked fantastic twenty years younger and was bubbling with enthusiasm for life.

I asked, “What have you done to change so dramatically?”

“The Happy Body!” she responded, and told me about Jerzy and Aniela’s program. I called them right away and made an appointment for that very evening.

Over tea, Jerzy and Aniela explained their program to me, which combines a balanced diet with non-exhaustive exercises and relaxation techniques. The diet was easy to understand and follow and would simplify my eating habits and my grocery shopping.

Once I started the program, my joint pain vanished. It was a miracle! I also found that my hot flashes were less intense, and the rosacea started to clear up. In fact, my whole body was changing, I was losing body fat and building muscle at the same time. In six months I gained ten pounds of muscle while losing 40 pounds of fat. My total weight went down from 162 to 132. Now I’m more attractive, stronger, and more flexible. My life has become exciting again!

Pilates Resistance Band Exercises

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