Pilates Stick Exercises

Pilates Stick Exercises

INOSITOL – MYO-INOSITOL For Exercises Full Workout


Inositol is a water-soluble B complex vitamin and is required for the health of arteries, as it increases their elasticity thereby protecting against hardened arteries. Inositol is important for the metabolism of fats and cholesterol and may help reduce blood cholesterol levels. Similar to choline, inositol assists in the movement of fats from the liver and muscles and it is a component of the cell membrane and required for the transfer of hormones and nerve impulses within cells.


Inositol is often considered a non-essential vitamin because it can be made by the body from intestinal bacteria and glucose. For people who regularly consume caffeine drinks, including tea, chocolate, cola drinks and coffee, it really is an essential vitamin as caffeine destroys inositol.

A deficiency can lead to a deteriorating nervous system including conditions of anxiety, insomnia and nervousness. Inositol is required within fat cells to assist in nerve transmission.


Inositol is an essential component in the proper formation and construction of new cells. Inositol is necessary for hair growth and a prolonged deficiency may contribute to baldness. Diabetics have an increased excretion of inositol.


Inositol is essential for reproduction. A prolonged deficiency may cause infertility in males or females. Inositol is required for the control of oestrogen levels and it provides protection against the development of breast lumps. Inositol is required for uterine contractions and hormone-cell transfer.

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Pilates Stick Exercises

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