PISTACHIO NUTS Health Benefits

PISTACHIO NUTS Health Benefits

Pistachio nuts are the best nut source of phytosterols, more specifically beta-sitosterol (198mcg) which provides protection from some forms of cancer and also assists in blood cholesterol reduction, in combination with the good supply of monounsaturated lipids (23g). Pistachio nuts have a low saturated fat content (5g) and a fair polyunsaturated fat content (13g).

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Pistachio nuts are the richest nut source of the mineral potassium (1025mg) and combined with the supply of monounsaturated lipids, the pistachio nut is a bonus for blood circulation, if they are not salted. Potassium is destroyed by excess coffee and alcohol consumption. A handful of pistachios after a ‘hard day’s night’ will really help and with the good supply of B vitamins, especially B1 and B6, the pistachio benefits will boost the heart and calm the nerves.

In addition, the magnesium content (125mg or 30 d.v.) will also relax the nerves and replace the loss from those extra drinks after work and protect against heart attacks. Pistachio nuts are tiny in size but huge in potassium and heart pumping benefits. They also contain calcium (107mg), vitamin A (553 IU) and lots of copper (65% d.v.) and vitamin E (2mg), also of benefit for the heart muscles. The supply of zinc (2mg) is vital, especially for people who drink alcohol regularly. Pistachio nuts are ready to protect you!

PISTACHIO NUTS Health Benefits

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