Points to look for when buying a pram:

Points to look for when buying a pram:

Make sure the chassis folds easily and will fit into your car, and is easily manoeuvrable on stairs.

The sides of the pram should be high enough to prevent an active infant getting a leg over and toppling out.

The pram should be well balanced so that it does not tip easily. The chassis should be well sprung with ball-bearing wheels and good brakes.

The handle should be at a comfortable height.

There should De rings to which a safety harness can be attached.

A basket attachment between the wheels is handy for carrying shopping if you are walking.

A baby buggyfold-up push-chair is light and compact, and handy if you are going to be travelling on buses and trains a lot. You can put your baby in it from about six months or earlier if you wedge a small cushion in the back so that she does not sit in a slumped position.

The cot. Once a baby grows too big to sleep in the pram or crib – some time between three and six months – the next step is usually a cot. The best buy is a large, sturdy cot that will accommodate the child for the first few years. International specifications for cot safety standards are still in the process of being compiled, but this is what you should look for:

A heavy cot that cannot be moved about by an active toddler bouncing up and down against the rails. In this way the child could manoeuvre the cot into a potentially dangerous position, for instance within reach of medicines, glass and so on.-

Points to look for when buying a pram:

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