Household cleansers, paint stripper, washing soda, oven cleaners and cigarettes are among the items that should be kept away from children.

Never put paraffin, benzine, petrol or other poison into cold drink bottles, and keep them away from children. They are NOT put off by the smell or taste.

All medicines and poisons should be locked away. Do not keep medicines in your handbag, because children love scratching through mummys things. When you go visiting, especially to grandparents, be aware that they may have unguarded medicines, on bedside tables for example.

Iron tablets taken for anaemia or during pregnancy are poisonous to small children. Keep them locked away.

Do not refer to medicine as sweets to encourage children to take it.

Boracic acid is also poisonous and should not be used.

Regard all plants as poisonous. Rhubarb leaves are highly poisonous, for example, as are the eyes on potatoes.

Children love to brew tea from leaves. They should not drink it.

Never spray insecticides while children are in the room. Wait for two hours before re-entering the room and remove all dead insects.

Leaking gas stoves or cylinders are extremely dangerous. Never keep all the windows closed when using gas.

Never sit in a car with the engine running in a closed garage. The carbon monoxide gas from the exhaust is poisonous.

Old batteries are dangerous and contain harmful acid and lead.

Swimming pool chemicals give off irritating and potentially dangerous fumes.

Keep children away from where insecticides are being sprayed or mixed. The poison can be breathed in or absorbed through the skin.

Lead-based paint is a common cause of poisoning. Old buildings, with layers of paint going back to the days when many paints contained lead, are particularly dangerous. Children often pick at flaking paint and may eat the chips because lead has a slightly sweet taste. When buying baby equipment always make sure it is painted with non-toxic paint. You should not even breathe in the dust raised when lead-based paint is sanded.


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