Popular Long Haircuts For Women 

Calcium For Hairs

A lack of calcium can result in weaker, smaller hairs that are more prone to fall out. Certain types of shampoos decrease the amount of calcium in the hair, causing hair loss.26


Iron fuels hair growth by increasing circulation to the scalp. Iron deficiency prevents full development of the hair follicle and causes your hair to become weak and fragile.

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This nutrient has been shown to reduce inflammation of the hair follicle. An inflamed hair follicle shuts down hair production and can lead to baldness. By reducing inflammation around the hair follicles, regeneration of existing hairs and new growth can begin.


An essential trace element, manganese prevents slow hair growth as it helps your body to use other nutrients like thiamine, biotin and vitamin C.


An amino acid which will help with the uptake of iron.

Popular Long Haircuts For Women 

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