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HOURS OF WORK Normal hours (excluding overtime): A domestic worker may not be made to: Work more than 45 hours a week Work more than nine hours per day for a five day work week Work more than eight hours a day for a six day work week. A domestic worker may not work more than 15 hours overtime per week and not work more than 12 hours on any day, including overtime. Overtime must be paid at one and half times the employee’s normal wage or an employee may agree to receive paid time-off. Popular womens haircuts DAILY AND WEEKLY REST-PERIODS A daily rest period of 12 consecutive hours and a weekly rest period of 36 consecutive hours, which include Sunday, unless otherwise agreed, must be allowed The daily rest period may, by agreement, be reduced to 10 hours for an employee who lives on the premises whose meal interval lasts for at least three hours The weekly rest period may by agreement be extended to 60 consecutive hours every two weeks or be reduced to eight hours in any week if the rest period in the following week is extended equivalently.

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Popular womens haircuts

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