Pork should not be given in the first year.

Pork should not be given in the first year.

Egg white should be introduced with care, preferably after the age of ten months, because the high concentration of protein can result in a severe allergic reaction.

Egg yolk is rich in iron, vitamin A, thiamine and phosphorous and is a useful addition to the diet from around five months. It can be served coddled, soft boiled, or hard boiled and sieved over her food. It can also be added to her custard, vegetables or any other dish.

Unless your baby has been put on a low cholesterol diet because of hypercholes-terolnemia in the family she can have an egg a day.

Babies fed on humanised formulas may not be satisfied by their formula feeds after about eight weeks. You can either change to modified or evaporated milk formula which may be more satisfying. Solids should not be added to your babys bottle unless a doctor has ordered it.

Use additional milk from your babys formula to make up cereals or mix with other solids. If you are breast feeding, use expressed breast milk or evaporated milk diluted with one part milk to three parts water. If you are worried about allergy to milk, you can mix with water or even pureed fruit (2 teaspoons porridge to 1 tablespoon fruit) before six months. After that the danger of an allergic reaction is lessened.

Give your baby a balanced diet but you dont have to think of something different every day. Most babies are content with the same foods for a long time. When she gets tired of a food she will let you know. In other words, provide variety, but dont think she needs souffles and sabayon – if she hates a particular meat or vegetable dont give it. There is always a substitute. Your aim is to bring her into the family circle gradually so that she will be eating only slightly modified family food during the second year.

It is normal for bits of undigested vegetables to pass in the babys stools.

Pork should not be given in the first year.

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