Practical breast feeding

Practical breast feeding

There is no doubt that successful breast feeding depends largely on your state of mind. It requires determination to succeed, but it is also essential that you have the right advice at the time you need it, or even the most highly motivated mother can give up.

Ironically, certain personality traits that help you succeed in a career may mean lack of success in breast feeding. Breast feeding is giving, intuitive and sensual (after the initial period it can even be pleasantly stimulating sexually). But if you pride yourself on your independence and expect breast feeding to be established and accomplished by the same forces that make for success in the

marketplace, you could become frustrated and give up too soon. You should also be entirely honest with yourself about breast feeding. If you feel it is not for you, make your decision and do not be pressurised into feeling guilty. Breast feeding resentfully defeats much of its purpose, while giving a bottle in a warm, loving way will give your baby many of the advantages of breast feeding.

Breast feedin
Have at least two cushions ready to build up a comfortable place to rest your arms while you hold the baby.

You will probably become very thirsty while you are feeding so have a glass of water or milk or whatever you fancy handy. Too much acid fruit juice such as pineapple or orange could affect the baby. Dont have anything hot to drink in case it gets knocked over and burns the baby.

If the baby is screaming from hunger dont waste time changing her nappy first, she will probably soil it during the feed anyway.

Wrap her firmly in a wrapping blanket leaving her hands free.

g at home. Make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit or lie when breast feeding (21). This is important because if you are not relaxed the let down reflex will not work efficiently. A low armchair with a footstool is ideal.

Practical breast feeding

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