Practical Make-up Techniques


If there is a necessity, make up according to him. So you will play the character very well-defined, understandable and assimilate. There was a player in a vote I had directed. He played the hooker very badly. I scored a knife scar on his face in the second round, and I figured out the meaning of this scarf and reflected it on his character. Maybe this knife wound was made by a lover or someone else. You will not believe a small scar has changed her acting from the beginning to the end. Sordum said, “What changed, why did you play so good?” Sordum said, “I needed a grieve, the character I played, you gave it to me.” Why was that a knife scar?

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Apply differently on both sides of the face and on the makeup of symmetrical characters. Then feed in a movement down the middle of the eye. Do not forget to shake the powder without using your brush. Otherwise, densities occur. Feed the face with circular motion.

LAST POINT: The last point is lipstick and shine in beauty makeup. If the lipstick is not applied well or the appropriate color is not selected, the result will not be good. In beauty makeup, weight is usually concentrated in the eye makeup or on the lips. Sometimes a good eye and lip makeup can give very good results as well.

Use a lip pencil that matches your lipstick to make your lipstick clear and protect the line. For example, there is lipstick difference between aging makeup and Pinocchio makeup. Everything is different. It is important to be able to carry that make-up in character make-up. Because of this, character makeups should be specially planned for the person and color should be used accordingly. If you make ten different make-up vampire make-ups for the same game, the aesthetics and the color that they use will be different. Of course the costume you will wear is very important.

Your character will be reflected in your character make-up, where you live, what life you live in, your profession, life standard, intellectual, fashionable look.

WE DO NOT MAKE AN ERROR AS FOLLOWING THEIR STATES AFTER THE RUSSIAN. If there is a stain on your teeth after lipstick, wipe the colander.

WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE TO EXPLAIN THE CHARACTER FRONT PLAN, you should emphasize it. Is the character loving, sneaky, sexy, cheating etc

If you want your lips to look bigger, you should use a polisher.

Practical Make up Techniques

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