Pregnancy Bed Rest Exercises

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Samantha Dinsmore (58-year-old housewife) am a fifty-eight-year-old woman who always fought to gain even one pound during the first three decades of my life.

Yes, fought to gain, not lose. I could enjoy potatoes, rice, pasta, french fries, milk shakes, and my favorite desserts without any thought and without gaining any weight. At twenty-nine I was below 100 pounds even though I ate anything and everything that I wanted without guilt or weight gain.

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Everything changed in my late-thirties. I went through early menopause and realized that my metabolism had changed even though my eating habits had not.

I started to gain a pound at a time, which led to five pounds then ten pounds.

Like many of my female friends, in my forties all I had to do was think about dessert and I gained weight. My body’s ability to ward off weight seemed to have changed overnight. I was leading an active lifestyle, but since exercise had never really been a part of my daily routine, I honestly hadn’t given it much priority.

Pregnancy Bed Rest Exercises

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