A pretty girl in jeans, a green shirt, and silver

Jodi Sandler, 33, and Zahra Hirji, 31


I’d come out shortly ater graduating from university and was trying to “ind myself”, living in my irst real lat. A music video that I’d animated for a band called Uh Huh Her had recently been released, and I was all about my career and not about inding a serious relationship. One night, on my way home from drinking with friends, I stopped for a slice of pizza.

A pretty girl in jeans, a green shirt, and silver Photo Gallery

A pretty girl in jeans, a green shirt, and silver jacket came in ater me. Before I saw her, I’d never known what my “type” was, but at that moment I knew she was it. Still, I’m a shy person, so I just went back to shaking pepper lakes on my pizza, trying to act nonchalant. hen she dropped her pizza on the ground, and before I knew what I was doing, I’d ofered her half of mine.

She seemed to be a little reluctant at irst, but then she saw that the queue was a mile long, so she shrugged and said OK. A screen behind me was playing music videos with the sound switched of, and suddenly she said, “Oh, I love this video!” It was mine! She didn’t believe me at irst, so I pulled it up on my phone and showed her the credits.

It was so perfect since the video is about two strangers who feel an instant spark. Ever since then, music and art have been a huge part of our life together. One of our favourite things to do together is go to concerts, and there’s always something playing in the house we bought last year. I even proposed to her with a music video that I animated using our characters.’

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