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Hey guys I’m coming to you with this sort of springy half updo half down do, I like this look because it sort of marries the edgy and the feminine by having the braids and the pouf it is sort of edgy and then you have these very loose sort of waves at the end of the hair. So, I really like this look I will show you quickly what it looks like from all sides it is really fast to put together and, I think it is really adorable for spring and summer. So if you want to know how to recreate this look stay tuned and I will show you exactly what you need to do.

So just starting off a few things that we are going to need for this look is a teasing comb this is dem in d3 Iraq tail comb to separate a sections of hair some bobby pins we are gonna need a clip to hold some of the hair we are gonna need a bunch of little clear elastics we are also gonna need a curling iron ready this is a clipless four in one cortex this is the thickest barrel they have, I think it is like one and a half and then just some hairspray this is Loreal Elnett. So we are seeing you want to do is just brush all the hair backwards and separate the front portion that’s going to be teased and for me it is gonna be about right here. So I’m gonna use a rat tail comb actually to separate the section that, I want to tease you can use your fingers as well once you have your section you want to just clip it away for now and I’m gonna just twist it and using a clip just secure it at the top of my head next you want to separate the sections of hair at the sides that are gonna be braided and I’m gonna use a rat tail comb you can use your finger as well it does not really matter.

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So I’m just gonna running the rat tail comb down the side of my head and I’m gonna brush this out before, I start braiding then you want to just do a regular braid separate your hair into three sections and start braiding okay when you get to the bottom of the hair you just want to secure that with the little elastic next you want to repeat the same step on the other side. So just run the rat tail comb down the side of your head brush out the section that you are going to braid bring the hair to one side separate it into three sections and just do a regular braid again when you get to the bottom of the braid you just want to secure it for now and let go of the top portion right here that we separate it and now we are just gonna tease the separate the section in the back that you want to tease use a little bit of hairspray at the roots grab your teasing comb and start teasing the hair okay. So once you have the front portion teased up you want to just secure the braids at the back of your head and I’m gonna turn around.

So you guys can see what I’m doing actually before that I’m just gonna clip this kind of to the side and John it is just bringing the braid over kind of higher towards your crown and securing that right up here with some bobby pins you can crisscross them going one down one up. So once you have done one side you are just gonna repeat the step on the other side. So again grab some bobby pins I’m gonna turn around you want to just find the center of where you clipped, I mean bobby pin the other braid and just kind of go right underneath it grab your bobby pin and again crisscross it in place now that we have the braids in place I’m just going to kind of fix up this teased portion and pin that in place.

So what you want to do is kind of brush out any of the teasing up here lightly and you can go for a dramatic look or you can go for a more smaller pouf, I think for me I’m just gonna do kind of in the middle like this and again you are just gonna secure that with a bunch of bobby pins kind of in the middle. So what you are doing is you are just pushing onto the pouf to kind of create it and then securing that with just a few bobby pins once you have the pouf in place you can kind of fix it up by going in with your rat tail comb and making sure that it is even and not bumpy. So at this point you want to go back and take out those little elastics from the braids and kind of open up the braid pass the bobby pins.

So you just kind of. So it mixes in with the hair and then do the same thing for the other one just open up the elastic. So at this point what we want to do is just curl whatever is left on the bottom of the hair and I’m gonna do that in sections from the bottom.

So before, I do anything make sure that you spread your hair with a heat protectant. I have already done. So so if you have not make sure you do that.

So I’m just gonna clip the rest of the hair for now and curl my hair going outwards. So I’m gonna do the same exact thing for the rest of the hair and I will be back once the hair is curled. So once you have finished curling all the hair you just want to run your fingers through it to kind of open it up and make it more wavy as opposed to curly just like this and then to kind of make sure that the curls or the wave stay in place you just want to add a little bit of hairspray to the entire head, I mean the hair that you curl they guess and this look is pretty much finished I’m just gonna show you guys what it looks like from all sides.

So, I personally really like this look for spring and summer because you kind of still have your hair down but it is not in your face if it is really warm and hot outside, I think this is a good sort of balance of edgy and feminine and, I really enjoyed putting this look together for you guys. So, I hope you enjoy it and give it a try thank you. So much again for reading and I will see you guys in the next tutorial bye you.

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