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Everyone wiLL be world-famous for 15 minutes.

His pioneering approach to modern art has made him one of the most popular and infLuentiaL artists ever, but many of WarhoL’s fiLms were once considered too scandaLous to be screened. One in particuLar, caLLed BLue Movie, featured a 33-minute sex scene. In 2005, it was screened pubLicLy for the first time in more than 30 years.

To me, his ELectric Chairpainting Left is an intense, extraordinary work. PeopLe think about WarhoL as being quite surface, but he couLd be very profound, says DeLany.

Frustrated by the government’s siLence (and suspecting poorLy constructed schooLs were partLy to bLame), Weiwei Launched a citizen’s investigation. ConstantLy under surveiLLance, he’s been beaten by poLice, jaiLed and had his passport seized.

A new addition to his Forever BicycLes series wiLL be on show at the exhibition, buiLt using 1,496 bicycLes and measuring nine metres high, 16 metres wide and four metres deep.

Ai Weiwei is an advocate of cuLturaL heritage, and I think his piece Dropping A Han Dynasty Urnright deLivers an anxious chiLL and thriLL in theviewer.

National Gallery of Victoria – led by senior curator of contemporary art Max Delany – has worked with Weiwei and The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, US, to produce a landmark joint exhibition of the two artistscreations. It allows us to bring together the work of two really significant artists, with very different cultural backgrounds… but interesting points of intersection between their work and their influence, not only in the art world but the wider world.” Here’s your cheat sheet.

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Prom dress stores near me

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