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But H&M is quick – and good – at blurring the lines. The label, known for its omnipresent international footprint, powerful campaigns and cool collaborations that seek to democratise high fashion, is everything and anything but your usual high-street retailer. Staging its annual show during Paris Fashion Week once again cleverly adjusted perceptions and forced the label all the way into the centre of attention where you wouldn’t normally expect to fi nd a massmarket retailer and high-street fashion. Take the New York Met Gala.

It is one of the most sought-after fashion nights of the year and an occasion for celebrities to compete in the dress-up contest and walk the red carpet in the most extravagant couture gowns and elaborate coi ures. (Who can forget Rihanna’s bright yellow dress with its spectacular train and fur boa created by Chinese haute couture designer Guo Pei?) Yet singers Janelle Monae and Banks absolutely shone at the Met Gala in China-inspired outfi ts designed by H&M. Banks wore a bright red o -the-shoulder gown with ru es around the bottom and Monae chose a black and white (the colours of the yin and yang symbol) ensemble with a cape.

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Prom Dresses In Atlanta

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