Prom Dresses For Pregnant

We went out of our way to find and meet influencers, thinkers, artists and beautiful minds, and we brought back a fabulous bounty. The enthusiasm and support we felt during our continent-wide search was heart-warming. The most beautiful clothes were sent from magical places as far away as the Ivory Coast and Mozambique (although they were stuck at SA customs long enough to almost wreck the team’s already frayed nerves).

Among this month’s contributors are Nigerian journalist Dimeji Alara who interviewed New York and London-based designer Duro Olowu, and Pearl Thusi who shared her allure, contagious energy, sparkling wit and incredible kindness with us. Of course, it was never our plan to simply plonk 54 countries on the pages and to cram their diversity into a uniform box and label it with a ‘trend’ tag. We wanted (and always will) to tell the stories of Africa’s gifted people and their passion, vision, drive and energy.

Every word, every outfit, every work of art, sound and picture they produce is proof of their genius. We want to celebrate again and again their prodigious talents and work that make our hearts skip a beat or two. I certainly wish we had the space to show a lot more and believe we will, through the pages of this special magazine, walk many more roads paved with fabulous discoveries and surprises to keep us learning, laughing and dancing. So, tell us, Africa, how are you doing? Very creatively, methinks.

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Prom Dresses For Pregnant

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