Quick Beef Meatballs

Time: 20 mins Number of servings: 4 Point value per serving: 6


One pound ground beef Two crumbled bread slices Two chopped carrots Two cups pasta sauce Two cups water One chopped onion One beaten egg Half tsp garlic salt Salt and pepper to taste


• Take a mixing bowl and mix ground beef, egg, crumbled bread, onion, carrots, garlic salt, salt, and pepper.

• Make meatballs from that mixture and set them aside.

• Pour water and pasta sauce into your Instant Pot and stir well.

• One by one add meatballs in the pasta sauce mixture.

• Seal pot with the lid, select “Manual” and cook on high pressure for five minutes.

• Allow release pressure naturally.

• Serve meatballs with pasta, rice, and enjoy!

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Quick Beef Meatballs

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