Quiet Mind

For neurological issues and anxieties 20 drops Vetiver

5 drops Frankincese 20 drops Whisper

4 drops Bergamot Instructions

1. Combine in a roller bottle and fill with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

2. Shake and apply to base of skull, spine, bottom of feet or wrists. Blissful/Happy Oil Bath

10 drops Sandalwood

5 drops Jasmine

5 drops Rose

5 drops Bergamot

4tbsp Jojoba, Almond Castor, or Sunflower carrier oil Instructions

1. Pour carrier oil into a glass bottle and then add essential oils.

2. Cover and shake thoroughly and store for 2 weeks in a dark place

3. Once matured, add 1 tbsp of the scented oil to the bath tub.

5. Swish and enjoy your bath. Remain happy!

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One aspect of the numerous exams a mom on hospital-based bed rest goes through is the amount of people coming in contact with your body. If you are uncomfortable with others seeing you not fully clothed, it might be time to get over your inhibitions. Or find a way to keep your dignity while being examined (wearing tops and pants versus dresses). If you are a particularly modest person, my advice is to remember every test and exam is in the best interest of you and your baby. As mothers we will do anything for our children. Just think of your hospital stay as the first step in a lifetime of putting the health and safety of your child first, even if it means exposing your belly to a room full of strangers. If you’re fortunate enough to have a vaginal delivery, there is much more show and tell yet to come. Make friends with other people in the hospital if you can. Don’t let age differences, religious differences, social status, any other differences hold you back. Make the effort to talk to the people around you.

Quiet Mind

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