Rachel McAdams Best Dresses

What are your key skill areas?

I specialise in bridal make-up and hairstyling.

What are the key trends for this season?

Honestly, I don’t believe in trends, and only believe that a look has to suit your face, features and overall personality. It’s recommended to have a detailed chat with your bride to know more about her requirements in terms of make-up and hair. Try to know more about her D-day outfi t, accessories, jewellery and so on as it will help you to plan out her look better. Anything over the top can be a look killer. One has to be specifi c, when it comes to the bridal make-up, as one wrong product or even a shade can spoil the entire look.

How has the market evolved in terms of trends, technology and products?

The culture has evolved tremendously over the past fi ve years. In fact, it is more professional now with the artists and clients being aware about the technology and products, thanks to the educational sources available at the Internet. I’ve also noticed a sea change in the mindset of the audience. More and more youngsters are now ready to step into this profession and are ready to explore this career. Also I see a plethora of international brands entering the India market, which in turn, is making our lives easier.

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