Ranjeni Munusamy

RANJENI MUNUSAMY (LEFT), DAILY MAVERICK ASSOCIATE EDITOR Words to live by? If you cant do anything about it, let it go. Do democracy and feminism work together? South Africa is a deeply patriarchal society where conservative attitudes are the norm. Although our democracy guarantees equal rights, in reality womens struggles are constant and complex.

Feminism should be more than clever sayings on T-shirts. It needs to be manifest in how we respond to sexism and patriarchy in our daily lives. How did you celebrate your 21st? I enjoyed my childhood immensely and was not ready to turn 21. There is an expectation from society that turning 21 means you are ready for the responsibilities of the world.

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But, since being forever young is only a mindset and not possible, I took the party and the heady advice that comes with crossing that threshold. How did your life change after you turned 21? My dad died a year after I turned 21, so I had to grow up fast after that. My choice of political journalism took me from our quiet family home in a small town to the hurly-burly of South African politics.

Ive grown up along with our country. I sometimes long for the innocence of life before 21, but I love the richness of my experiences. The most fun thing youve done since you turned 21? Travel! My job has taken me to many exciting places. As much as I love the thrill, though, there is no better feeling than re-entering South African airspace.

Ranjeni Munusamy

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