Rascal Flatts


Decca Records


Big ballads, power chords and escapism from country superstars

Not a greatest hits collection, as the title may imply, but the ninth album from the country superstars, this is the sort of music that you have to take on its own terms or not at all. The debate about whether or not its country is a valid one, and it is not, by any definition a lot of people would accept, but on the other hand country means something different now from what it did 40 years ago, just as 40 years ago it meant something different to what it did in the 1930s.

Whatever your take it cannot be denied that, as rocked-up, big ballad, lighter-waving, arena friendly music exponents go. Rascal Flatts are up there with the best of them. If you like that, or them, you will love this. Every song has a chorus that’s presses all the buttons, every song cranks up the decibels just as said chorus appears and even the most hardened alt. country fan will find themselves wanting to punch the air a time or three. The individual songs, particularly the lyrics, aren’t really important. Girls make you feel alright, boys are on fire and it do not get no better than this. There’s no insight, no depth and no real emotion. But that’s not what this album is for. What matters here is pure unadulterated escapism, power chords and all, and on those terms, REWIND succeeds splendidly. Guilty pleasure maybe, but pleasure none the less .Jeremy Searle


Rascal Flatts

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