Raspberry Mousse Recipe

Raspberry Mousse Recipe

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You will need for 4 servings: 1 raspberry jelly 1 small can raspberries 1 6-oz. can evaporated macaroons or milk chopped nuts

2 teaspoons lemon (optional) juice

1 Tie a double band of greaseproof paper round the outside of a 6-in. souffle dish. (The paper should stand 2 inches above the rim of the dish.)

2 Dissolve the jelly in a little hot water, add the juice from the raspberries and cold water to make up to 1 pint.

3 Leave in a cool place until the jelly is beginning to set.

4 Add the lemon juice to the milk (chilled if possible) and whisk until the milk is stiff enough to retain the mark of the whisk.

5 Whisk the jelly into the milk.

6 Press the raspberries (saving a few for decorating) through a sieve.

7 Fold the raspberry puree into the jelly mixture. Pour into the prepared souffl6 case. Leave in a cold place to set.

8 Crush the macaroon if used.

9 Remove the paper from the souffl6. Press the crumbs or nuts, if used, round the sides of the mousse.

10 Decorate the top with the remaining raspberries.

Raspberry Mousse Recipe

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