REACT WITH KINDNESS Being judgemental or overly critical is often one of the biggest trigger points for disputes between family members. A comment on our appearance or our lifestyle can be difficult to ignore. In fact, the quickest way to create even more friction is to try to prove to someone that youre right. Instead, resolve to express your opinion in a way that doesnt make the other person wrong, and youll avoid conflict. If a relative sees your zen-like calm as a challenge and theyre determined to ruffle your feathers, remove yourself “ even if its only as far as the bathroom. Take a few deep breaths and count to 10.

Its an old trick but it does work and will stop you snapping back, so you can keep your serene demeanour for a few more hours. You can also use crystals, such as hematite, which can ground you and fill you with a calm confidence. Turquoise is also a handy protection stone for expressing yourself clearly and eloquently. FINAL NOTE… Just before you arrive at your rendezvous, reapeat to yourself, I am the essence of light and love, comfortable in my imperfections. Im constantly evolving and doing my best with the awareness that I have, and so is everyone around me. Repeat it until you feel truly at ease with yourself, then open the door with a smile.


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