Hand-knitted scarf hat jacket model 2017

The quest for patterns has been as delightful as the knitting, which took about a month30 stitches in each block with size 9 needles, knitting until each piece was exactly 8 inches long. Many, but not all, have a three-stitch garter border on each edge to keep them from curling. I lined the back with a piece of lightweight fleece and crocheted a simple edging, which finishes it off beautifully and hides the ugly wrong side. It also makes the throw so cuddly and warm! So making this item has been a lot of fun. I’m calling it my Creative Knitting Throw. Here is a photo for you.

Hi Ann, You’re a knitter after my own heart! I too am a Continental picker. My grandmother taught me many years ago. And what an amazing knitting quest you created for yourself to challenge your knitting skills and come away with an afghan that you will treasure for years to come. I’m so happy that Creative Knitting has been a part of your exciting knitting journey! I can’t wait to hear about your next knitting adventure!

Hi Kara, I’m 78 and have been knitting since age 22 when my now 56-year-old son was little. I wanted a sweater vest for him to wear to church, so I bought some yarn and a how-to book and made it myself. Later on, my mother taught me how to pick knit (Continental knitting). Recently, my daughter showed me a throw on her cellphone that gave me the idea to do a 48-block sampler. My challenge was to make each square with a different pattern, many of which are from my many copies of Creative Knitting. Some of the pattern names are Twist Cable, Sophisticated Lace, Lace Scallops, Lace Diamonds, Americana Pot Holder, Smocked Sweetheart, Moss Stitch, Lacy Leaves, Swinging Vines, Eskdale Bells and Vertical Columns. Then, I began searching my knitting library and found a few patterns in a 1961 Vogue Knitting magazine that I had picked up at the local senior center.

Hand-knitted scarf hat jacket model 2017 Photo Gallery

Hand knitted scarf hat jacket model 2017

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