Whether we’re ingesting them or applying them, Mother Nature has armed us with all of the ingredients we need to keep our body running like a well-oiled machine. Here, you will learn how to put nature’s bounty to good use through recipes for teas, soups, juices, infused waters, and smoothies, which bolster body, mind, and spirit. When we’re talking about recipes as they pertain to Slow Beauty, though, it includes more than just what we put into our mouth. It also involves being dedicated to ensuring that we put only the best on our body as well so as to promote recovery and vitality.

With that in mind, I’ll also be sharing a variety of deliciously effective recipes, such as sugar scrubs, body oils, mists, and soaks. I love using homemade beauty products not only because they allow us to control and have a greater awareness of what we’re putting on our body, but also because we can cater them to what we need at any given moment in time, whether it’s a bit of hydration during the hot summer months or a soothing concoction to counteract the effects of harsher winter conditions. These treatments will be organized by season so that you can better align yourself with the natural rhythms of the world around you.


We’ll also cover some more intangible recipes. For example, I will lead you through the process of creating your own mantras for the purposes of self-affirmation, a more optimistic outlook, and manifestation. I will also share a variety of physical movements designed for various seasons. While these will help tone and refine the body, they are all, at heart, meditative in nature and will thus enhance your mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness, as well.

The recipes included in this blog will not only leave you looking and feeling great, but they will also help you break down the obstacles in your life. I know sounds like a big promise, right? Here’s why it works: By putting good things on your body and in your body and mind, you will ultimately feel better about yourself and enjoy an improved body image. This will be your greatest protection against the constant barrage of beauty ideals being incessantly hurled at us from every direction. From this wonderful place, you will naturally begin to discover the unique gifts that lie within you, as opposed to wasting your energy striving to become a part of an idealized standard. Obviously, this will leave you feeling great, but it’s also an act of altruism because once you’ve unearthed your gifts, you can contribute them to the world.

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