1 lb. minced bean curd

3 oz. minced shrimp

6 egg whites

1 tbsp. sherry

1 tsp. minced scallion and ginger

2 oz. cornstarch dissolved in water

1 tbsp. flour

2 cups cooking oil 1/2 cup clear broth

2 tbsp. tomato sauce 1 oz. scallion stalk

1 tbsp. sugar 1/2 oz. green bean Salt to taste

To Prepare:

1. Add shrimp, 4 egg whites, salt, 1 tsp. sherry, scallion and ginger and 2 tbsp. cornstarch to mashed bean curd. Mix thoroughly. Place it on an oiled plate. Steam over a medium flame for 20 minutes. Cut into slices about 1/2 inch thick and 2 inches long.

2. Mix 2 egg whites with cornstarch. Coat bean curd slices with flour and above paste. Fry the slices in hot oil until they are golden yellow and crispy outside.

3. Boil the broth with tomato sauce, scallion stalk, sugar, salt and green beans. Pour sauce over the fried bean curd. Serve.

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