Relaxing Massage Techniques

Relaxing Massage Techniques

This technique is very surprising. When a person applies it regularly, he observes that the relationship with his body gradually changes in the positive direction: he hears more of the marks the body carries, and will automatically choose the right movements at the right time to help keep the body in perfect shape. For example, if you get a cold, your body’s defense energy will quickly detect that you are trying to get rid of the cold you are trying to get into. 0 time to reheat the relevant region (throat, shoulder, arm, lower back or abdomen) and to ensure that the energy flows. Often it will suffice to prevent the inhabitants of this settlement.

If the digestion is a little bit strong, and the bottom of the back aches, the same thing happens Because in Chinese medicine every pain is an energy stagnation. Circulation of energy with some self-massage sequences always brings comfort and healing. So do not hesitate to select a few arrays and apply them longer to give a special effect on the region or regions involved. With a strong face, scalp, nape and eye massage, you will be released at work or when you notice a reduction in the car. Do not forget this! Try this technique, and in this way you will insert it completely into your daily life spontaneously.

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For example, in the fall, it is recommended that the chest wall section be made two or three times in a row (series 10 to 14). This strongly stimulates the defense energy. If you apply it carefully, do not be surprised if you have all the diseases in winter and have the first spring!

A final example for legs and circulatory problems. The abdomen rubs the lower part of the back and the legs regularly in the direction of the circulation of the acupuncture meridians, and the energy of the lower part of the body gradually increases. Do not expect an extraordinary result at the end of fifteen days, practice for a few months and observe the changes, nature does not bring anything in haste. This practice is still delaying the aging process! A person ages from top to bottom, all older people are experiencing this. In Chinese energy science, the kidney is much more than a filter: the body is the source of Yin and Yang, and regulates natural cycles of evolution. By rubbing your abdomen, back and legs regularly you are actually stimulating the energy of your kidneys.

Here is a summary technique of self massage. There are a number of applications: at the end of the day you are either tired or you may be able to rejuvenate your energy between meals or help you return to a state of consciousness after a deep relaxation or meditation. The more you apply them, the better you will be able to use it right away and make great benefits.

Relaxing Massage Techniques

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