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Friend Sphere Exercise: Tips on How to Make Adult Friends.

Many people over thirty find it difficult to make new friends, in part because they’ re so busy with work, family, and other activities. Here are some suggestions for initiating friendships that may seem obvious but often aren’t considered or acted on:

Join a group related to one of your interests a blog club, a health club, a bike club and see if there are any like-minded members with whom you hit it off. Take an adult education class in an area of interest and see if any of your classmates are friend material.

Reconnect with old high school or college friends with whom you’ve lost touch; go to reunions, search for them on the Internet, or contact them via e-mail.

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Make an effort to talk to parents of your kids’ friends at events such as school functions or birthday parties. Make a conscious effort to think about making new friends when you go to social functions or engage in other activities; look at people you meet as potential friends rather than simply as neighbors, other parents, or classmates.

Take a chance and suggest getting together with a potential friend for a meal, coffee, or a sports activity.

Reciprocate (within a few weeks) and invite a potential friend to do something if he or she has invited you to do something.

Don’t rule out people as friends just because they’re older or younger than you, because they’ re a different gender, or because they’re not like the friends you had when you were younger. You may be looking for a new type of friend you never had.

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