Rihanna’s Best Beauty Makeup Skin-Care Tips

That time the usually unflappable Eugene Quek hyper-Fenty-lated about his rendezvous with Rihanna.

She is a single step away, close enough for my nose to ID notes of neroli in her bodily bouquet – and for my eyes to notice that her nipples are poking through the provocatively translucent top of her Oscar de la Renta frock. Oh. Em. Gee. Question: What should an even-keeled editor do when brushing up against his braless #bae, and in New York City to boot? Why, shed all semblance of journalistic impartiality and go bat-ape bananas, of course. @Eugene.qwl: “I just want to say you’re everything to me, and that your face is beat tonight!” There goes my awkward attempt at appropriating millennial makeup slang. @Badgalriri: “Aw, thanks boo, you’re sweet.” Aaaand scene.

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REASONS TO RIRI-JOICE OK, we’ve established that this beauty ed was an epic embarrassment. But hey, odds are, you would be too, if you were clinking champagne flutes at the inviteonly inauguration of our makeup mogul’s agonisingly anticipated Fenty Beauty line in September. The bang was big and the stakes were steep, with Riri’s range simultaneously slamming into some 1,600 stores across 17 countries, sunny Singapore included. This synchronised stab at global dominion was a directive from the diva herself, as she wanted all her fans to get their paws on the products at once. “Skin-stant” gratification, if you will.
Speaking of skin, the Bajan belle is betting on base products to get her beauty line off the ground.

The 91-strong treasure trove includes – deep breath, now – a pore-perfecting primer; shades of a demi-matte fluid foundie; multipurpose matte and shimmer sticks plus a powder duo for highlighting and contouring, with the last doubling as eyeshadow in a pinch. Other bits and bobs: A single shade of glorious gloss; shine-squelching powders and papers that should sell well in our clammy climate; and a succinct set of five face brushes. But what to try, what to buy? My personal pick goes to the Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks, $37 each, which for my money are the “highlights” of the collection. “I like to look at these like I look at my clothes in the closet.

Am I doing alien? Am I doing sexy? Am I doing girlnext-door? You choose,” says Riri (or one of her aforementioned alter egos, that is). “The point is, there are so many and they’re so fun.” Wield this wand and swipe on the go for maximum impact with minimal effort. How’s that for the makeup equivalent of a starlet lip-synching on stage? Also worth sussing out is the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, $31. This glitter-flecked gloss in a peachy pink is pure perfection, especially if you’re a lady looking for a lad to love.

Take it from the Caribbean chanteuse: “I made it because I wanted the girls to get kissed more.” ‘Nuff said. Honourable mention must go to the hexagonal packaging: Hidden magnets allow items to click together like Lego blocks – a slick trick that’s practically begging to be demonstrated live on the ‘Gram. Then there are the memorable monikers, some of which are poised to become iconic additions to the beauty vernacular. A sampling of the shades throws up names like Chic Freak, Yacht Life and Trophy Wife (the latter two appearing to be ironic nods to the iconography of Riri’s NSFW and Needed Me music videos). Bottom line? #RihannaNavy squad mates, clear out your closet, stat – you’re going to need the space.

Rihannas Best Beauty Makeup Skin Care Tips

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