Rimel Sliding Techniques Showing Full of Eyelashes

Rimel Sliding Techniques Showing Full of Eyelashes


Women’s eyelashes are almost always blackened with mascara or cosmetics. Usually black or brown, although other colors are occasionally used in high fashion make-up, keep the bar parallel to the eye in mascara application and crawl from the roots of the eyelashes to their tips. Avoid stacking the upper eyelashes upwards on the lower edges and downwards on the upper edges of the lower eyelashes, and separate the eyelashes for a natural effect.

If the male’s eyelashes are too light or very sparse, brown or black mascara will help, without eyeballs. Be very careful and painful while avoiding ridiculous snatching into your eyes. If there is a mascara of mascara on the bottom of the eye, they can be carefully wiped with water or a cotton cloth dampened with a mascara remover for waterproof mascara.

Caution: Do not share your mascara or mascara brush with anyone. Apply a piece of cleaning cloth (folded on a small square) to the extractor on the rimmed top, close one eye and remove the rasp from the eyelash in this eye.

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Normally an eyelash is divided into two. When the eyelashes are applied, stick at the outer edge and short at the inner edge. Make sure you cut two halves of terracotta. So you will get a left and a right eyelash. If the eyelashes are too thick, cut off the ends of some eyelashes with a small scissors before applying the eyelashes to the eyelids. At the same time you can cut some lashes to make them look less sparse and more natural. Using excessively long or heavy eyelashes can be fashionable at times. But the eyes certainly do not make it more attractive.

The eyelashes are secured with a special eyelash glue or surgical glue. The glue eyelash syringe is located in the bottom of this eyelid. Then secure it by pressing carefully with a blunt rod. Never use a sharp-tipped instrument close at hand. If it is desired that the eyes appear to be distant from each other, the eyelashes can be extended beyond the corner of the eye. Rimel can be applied or false eyelashes can be placed after makeup powder.

Rimel Sliding Techniques Showing Full of Eyelashes

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