RIP, Bobbi Kristina

It was a tragic month for celebs, with the death of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina. Found unconscious in January, she lost her fight for 26 July. Days late lack was found dea a fall at her home in Her greatest hits albu went on to top the chart A fitting tribut

It was a bumpy month for the 1D boys. Louis shocked pretty much the entire world when he went and got friend Briana Jungwirth knocked up. Both were delighted, but the pair didn’t become a couple. Meanwhile, ex-bandmate Zayn ended his two-year engagement to a heartbroken Perrie Edwards – just after they’d bought a house together.

1D’s confusing love lives it was a day the cynical among us thought  might never happen, but on 5 August, in a super-secret ceremony, Jen FINALLY tied the knot with actor Justin.

We’re always on love watch here at heat, but we didn’t expect the unlikely pairing of Hollywood hottie Nicole Scherzinger, 37, and Suffolk lad Ed Sheeran, 24.

The couple enjoyed low-key dates in local pubs, with Nicole describing it as so real. They didn’t last long, but we so enjoyed them while they did.

The couple weathered a LOT in their nine years together, but called it a day after Scott was snapped with his ex. Are j they back on now? Watch this space.

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RIP, Bobbi Kristina

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