Ron Sayer Jr & Charlotte Joyce LIVE AT THE LITTLE THEATRE

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Un-showy blues rock with mighty female vocals

Much blues-rock is much the same as much other blues-rock, with nothing to distinguish it or leave a lasting memory. This live set avoids that problem via the mighty voice of Charlotte Joyce, which has power and soul to burn. It’s deployed on a mix of well-known covers (Nutbush City Limits, a blistering take on Hendrix’s Fire) and a few originals. The four piece band, with Joyce also playing keys, is solid, and Sayer contributes some decent solos and lead vocals, but it only really flies when Joyce sings.

As with many live albums, tracks are stretched out to accommodate extensive soloing, and sometimes they wear out their welcome, which is a pity as when the band play tight and short they can generate a groove that gets the listener moving too, with Sean Costello’s Anytime You Want a notable example. That said, there’s little of the tiresome showing off that some bands indulge in, rather a more considered approach that serves them well. The original Time For Goodbye is a powerful and intense piece that benefits from this.

The album is unlikely to convert anyone, but if blues-rock is your thing then it is a very worthwhile addition to your collection, and catching them live should be high on your to do list. Jeremy Searle


Ron Sayer Jr & Charlotte Joyce LIVE AT THE LITTLE THEATRE

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