Rope Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle

Hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you how to rescue your hair from a bad hair day right now I’m gonna Italy and it is hot and humid and as you can see my hair is just not behaving.

So whether you are in a hot place on a vacation or whether you are just lazy to blow-dry your hair this hairstyle is gonna save your butt. So let’s begin we are just gonna need a few simple tools, I have my brush here we are gonna need some bobby pins and little hair elastics the first thing I’m gonna do is just create middle parting. So that’s all I’m gonna do is grab my little brush and I’m gonna try to draw a straight line from here then, I can just fix it up as, I go okay now that, I created the middle parting I’m just gonna do two raw braids on each side, I do have a post on how to do a rope braid I’m gonna link it down below it is more detail and explains how to do it step-by-step but right now I’m just gonna quickly say what I’m doing I’m gonna grab this section and I’m gonna split it in two sections and I’m gonna start twisting one section one way and the other section the other way and then I’m gonna wrap them around themselves.

Rope Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So I’m gonna be reppin this two sections around themselves if that makes any sense there we go and just continue doing this all the way down. So I’m just twisting and wrapping but when, I get to the bottom of my braid I’m just gonna get my elastic and secure the ends what I’m gonna do next is I’m just gonna grab this braid I’m gonna lift it up and I’m gonna bring it all the way here then I’m gonna grab my bobby pin and I’m gonna just bobby pin it in place here and I’m probably going to need a couple just to make sure it is nice and safe and just one more okay my left side is done as you can see and I’m gonna go ahead and do the exact same steps on my right side also make a rope great forgot to mention one thing my hair is pretty fixed when i braid the hair i do not really need to fan it out but if your hair is more fine where you can do when you finish the braid you can just pull the braid to make it appear thicker and that’s just gonna give you more volume in the braid and then I’m gonna take my braid and I’m gonna go over the bobby pins because, I have bobby pins here. So I’m gonna hide the bobby pins like that and then this end is gonna go behind the rest.

So behind the other braid. So we can’t see the bobby pins when, I think that went in place just gonna grab my bobby pins and just pin them in place and this is the finished look that’s it let me know how you like this hairstyle down below make sure to leave me a comment like this post did, I say leave me a comment yeah leave me a comment also when you do recreate this hairstyle make sure to post it on your Instagram, I absolutely love to see it recreations. So make sure to tag me or you can also post it posted on last year Facebook.

So thank you. So much for tuning in love you guys ciao.

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