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So youve decided to give running one more chance before the end of the year. You go, Glen Coco! Just dont forget to prep for that 5km fun run first.

According to US researchers, one in 10 people are hit with aches and pains because they overlook the whole training part. Not sure where to start with your prep? Follow these three commandments from Karl Lockett, sports podiatrist at Sydney Heel Pain ( to ensure you keep pounding the pavements pain-free.

1 PREP YOUR LEGS Warm-ups and cool-downs are important, so always make sure you give your calves a 30-second stretch before and after your run. 2 GO SLOW Focus on correcting your form before you tackle long distances. If you hit the ground running (too fast), you might wear yourself out before the actual race.

3 EAT BLUEBERRIES Yep, these tiny antioxidant powerhouses have been found to reduce DOMS “ so get snacking on a punnet!

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Running Tips

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